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Nantong Wanji Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of chemical equipment being principal in designing and making single layer pressure vessels of Class I, II and III [A1]. It was established by reform and re-organization of the original Nantong Chemical Equipment Company in April, 2004. The company has a long history in manufacturing and was one of the first units got the license issued by former Ministry of Labor of the People’s Republic of China to manufacture the pressure vessels of 3 classes. Number of manufacture license is RZZ050. Number of design license is SPR (AD) 014. The company possesses manufacturing license of A1 and A2 class pressure vessel ( TS2210142 - 2009) and design license of A1 and A2 class pressure vessels() issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China, and has been past the certification of ISO9001 2000 quality control system.

The company is situated in state level Nantong Economical and technological Development District, being along the Yangtze River and near the sea and state level landscape resort-Nantong Wolf Hill is the immediate neighbor. It has a manufacturing shop covering an area of 40000 square meters and possesses a solid technical team, excellent production facility, stable quality assurance system and excellent service team. The products are sold all over the country and abroad, and have got favorable comments from the clients at home and abroad.

After system reformation the company has 160 employees, covers an area of 40000M2, has the fixed assets of 30 million Yuan RMB and annual production capacity of 5000 ton. It has an excellent team of designing, exploration, production and operation. It has 50 specialized technical persons, among them there 2 senior engineers, 25 engineers, 4 senior technicians and near one hundred mechanicians of high and medium levels.

The company has first rate welders they came out at the top many times in welder competition of city and province level. The company is the member of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation and Jiangsu Association of Petrol-Chemical Equipment, and the Welding Technical Association of Nantong City, with the state job skill identification office of welding profession of Nantong city, is stationed in our company.

As a professional manufacturer, it possesses a sound quality assurance system and has got the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality control system. The company places stress on technological innovation and development on a long-term basis. The original magnetic transmission reaction vessel is particularly suitable for chemical engineering process of uniformly 3-phase paddling of gas, liquid and solid for those flammable, explosive, poisonous and harmful chemical mediators. It has excellent characteristics, such as the evident energy-saving effect and absolutely leak-free, and is a new style environmental protection equipment conforming the sustainable development strategy. The high temperature, high pressure, high rotary speed, high power magnetic transmission reaction vessel was honored with the second prize on scientific technical progress issued by former chemical engineering ministry, is a state level key new product, high and new technology product of Jiangsu province. All the performance indexes of the product have arrived to the advanced global level.

The main products of our company: magnetic transmission reaction vessel, high and medium pressure reaction vessel, heat exchanger, towers, cryogenic vessel, liquefied petroleum gas stororage tank and other nonstandard Ⅰ , Ⅱ and Ⅲ class pressure vessels. The products has been serialized: specification 2L - 50000L, pressure - 0.1 - 20Mpa, material: carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, composite materials etc. The products are canonized by relative enterprise and scientific institutes and nationwide covered. The quality of product is high and has favourable comment from users. Logos of company : Professionally manufacturing, technology as leading, first rate service. Company observes the object of quality first and client supremacy. President Mr. Zhang Xi and general manager Mr. Zhou Yuhua of the company wholeheartedly welcome new and old clients to visit our company.

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